The herd has been selected for fertility (short breeding season), fleshing ability, good feet, trouble free udders, temperament (no man eaters) and quality of calf produced. Any cow that falls outside these requirements is either culled or put on the cull list, sons are not kept for the bull pen and no replacements are kept. We have also tried to select bulls that will sire moderate framed deep bodied females, as these seem to be the type of cows that thrive in our management system.

A bit about how we manage our cow herd. The cows start calving during the first week of May, and are done by June 15th; approximately 45 days. The cows are calved in 10 acre paddocks with stock piled grass and hay supplementation until mid to late May when we start rotational grazing. We try and graze as late into the fall as possible with our limited pasture resources, and normally make it into late November or early December before "feeding" the cows. The cows are limit fed a combination of hay and cereal straw on pasture for the winter. We use a bale grazing system to feed the cows, and they are ideally moved every three days. We also feed one pound of a pelleted supplement per head per day to provide them with the vitamins and minerals they need, and get them out of the way while we move the wire to the next row of bales. We do graze straw/chaff piles and cereal swaths when the opportunity arises, and the economics warrant it.

Replacement heifers are wintered on grass hay and provided with a loose salt/vitamin/mineral. They do not receive any grain or pellets as we want to select for females that will work in our lower input system.

      Coyote Acres Birdy 22M "Blackbird"                               WSS Oletta 0916                                           Red Heartland Spicy 35M
                 pictured @ 13 years of age                                     pictured @ 6 years of age                                     pictured @ 9 years of age
  highly fertile, great udder, teat and foot quality    highly fertile, moderate framed, great production            highly fertile, good feet and udder
            Many sons used in our program                                   Sons used in our program                           WSS 25Z a son used via AI in our program

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