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Current Sires

Red Axtell Red Knight 6210
A young bull we bought in Colorado from Brian and Jamie Jo Axtell. He is very free moving with great body depth and mass and a lot of libido. We hand bred him to a few cows in 2017 and then exposed all the replacment heifers to him for calving in 2018.
Red Howe Moonshine 51C
Purchased from The Howe Family in 2016, and he did a great job here. He has touch more yearling weight than we normally select, but had the depth of body and mass that we like. The calves are eye appealing and growthy, unfortunately he was injured in the 2016 season and we only have the one crop of calves from him (2017).
Reference Sires

Git R Done at 3 years (July 2012)
Red Towaw Git R Done 35W
The top selling bull from the 2011 Towaw Bull Sale. As Kirk stated at the sale; this is the type of bull we have been striving to produce.

He is deep bodied and easy fleshing with a good hip and top. He had a S.C. of 44 cm, weighed 1760 lbs and packed that into a 5.0 frame (43 inches) at 21 months of age.  He indexed 124 at weaning and 104 at yearling in a group of 60+ bulls.  The majority of his first calf crop (2012) had birthweights between 75-85 lbs from mature cows.  His calves all carry his excellent hair coat and his bull calves are especially thick, masculine and have a robust look about them.

Riot as a 5 year old (June 2010)
Red WSS Riot 0526
Riot is a home raised bull. His calves look great, and have all the attributes of their father; he is really breeding true. He is sired by our Red Six Mile Justice 374J bull, and out of a Jayderne cow with an excellent udder and feet. He is exactly the style of animal we are looking for in our cow herd. He is moderate framed, deep ribbed, thick, easy fleshing, has a great temperament, good feet and legs. As a calf and yearling he was always the smallest framed in our pen, but when he ran across the scale you found he had some weight. His individual performance was:

BW: 93 lbs  WW: 709 lbs  WI: 107  YW: 1179  YI: 109  SC: 37 cm (at 13 months)

As a two year old he weighed 1805 lbs, but again he was wrapped into a small thick package.  His mature frame score is just a touch over five (56 inches).

Justice as a 5 year old (September 2003)
Red Six Mile Justice 374J
We purchased Justice as a three year old at the Cumnock Red Angus dispersal in Saskatchewan. He had previously been a high selling bull in the 2000 Six Mile red Angus bull sale. When I saw him I liked him right away. He was moderate framed, deep ribbed and had great feet and legs. The bred heifers sired by him had those same traits, and so we purchased him. He was lost prematurely in 2005, and we didn't get near enough daughters from him. We used a son for several years; Red WSS Riot 0526.

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