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The Willow Springs Angus herd currently has about fifty breeding females (Black, Red & Black-Red carriers). After a major herd recution during the summer of 2015 due to drought, we are currently in the process of growing our herd by keeping our own top replacements and through embryo transfer with our top cows. The herd has been selected for fertility (short breeding season), fleshing ability, good feet, trouble free udders, temperament (no man eaters) and quality of calf produced. Any cow that falls outside these requirements is either culled or put on the cull list, sons are not kept for the bull pen and no replacements are kept. We have also tried to select bulls that will sire moderate framed deep bodied females, as these seem to be the type of cows that thrive in our management system.


We purchased our first Red Angus females as bred heifers in the spring of 1999 from Mathy Kluss. Originally we were looking for commercial females, but when I was given the choice of 30 purebred heifers at a reasonable price I couldn't refuse. The eight selected heifers all calved easliy, were good mothers and had vigourous calves. The calves were a bit small (65-75 lbs), but that was ok for heifers, and besides we were going to breed them Simmental to get some thick growthy steers, and good replacement heifers. By the time breeding season rolled around we had modified that a bit due to the impressive growth and style of the calves, and quality of the cows. We AI'ed the cows then cleaned up with a Simmental bull. By the fall of 1999 we were sold on the Red Angus females, as was my father in law (Eddy Skitsko) who had calved and cared for the heifers. Those small calves had grown into big stylish calves, and out of two year old heifers at that. That fall we purchased several more females, and leased a package of cows from Len-Bar Ranches. We ran a calf share for three years with Len-Bar, Eddy and myself all getting a portion of the calves. My favourite quote of Eddys was "If I had known how easy Angus were, I would have had them years ago." Eddy had previously raised purebred Polled Herefords before going to a commercial herd of Polled Herefords, Charolais and Simmental. For several years Eddy managed the cows, and we commuted on weekends to do as much as we could. In 2003 we purchased our own farm and the cows were moved to Clyde.

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